Trick or Readathon!!!


I have never done a readathon before but I want to so I am going for it. All are welcome to join the Trick or Readathon. It will be held from Monday October 28th (starting whenever midnight is in your time zone) till 11:59 on October 31st (Halloween night). It will be really chill and like I said everyone is welcome to join! ūüėÄ Twitter will be the main communication hub for the readathon. My twitter handle is @meganpfist and I would like to use #trickorreadathon for all of the tweets for this readathon. Make sure to use the hashtag to share your reading adventures/ progress with everyone! I will also try to use Instagram on those days so if you are on there- my username is nutmegcutesocks :3

As the title indicates as will as the dates, this is a Halloween themed readathon. The prompts I have come up with are all Halloween inspired in some way. Without further adieu here are the prompts:

#1: Stranger Things Read a book that has a strange title 

#2: Paranormal Exploration Read something that is outside of your comfort zone

#3: Hocus Pocus Read a book featuring a character who undergoes some kind of transformation (does not necessarily have to be magical)

#4: Candy! Re-read an old favorite

#5: Haunted Mansion Read a book with a mysterious and/or magical setting

#6: You’re Being Haunted Read a book that a friend has been begging you to read or a book that you have heard about several times

#7: Witchcraft and Wizardry Read a book about a witch or wizard

#8: Pumpkin Spice Read a book with an orange cover or with orange present on the cover

#9: A Shot in the Dark Read a book that is randomly selected from a TBR or list

If anyone has any ideas for any additional prompts I am open to suggestions. I hope you all can join. SEE YOU THEN! ‚̧


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